This is the wiki's Image Policy, if you upload or use any pictures, they must meet these conditions:


  • The file must always be in PNG-format. This is the best format for high-quality pictures.
  • Images from the manga must always be blanked out. This means that all the text in the bubbles or anywhere in the panel must be erased.
    • Why? Because the wiki wants images from the original manga and anime, and text from the scanlation-groups or subbers is not from the original manga/anime.
  • When you upload raw manga images, blanking out is not needed. However, images from the scans are almost always of higher quality, so those are preferable.

Image rules

  • Duplicated images will be deleted. Always check if the picture hasn't been uploaded first.
  • Only official pictures are allowed. Don't upload fan art here, except if it's for a user page or blog.
  • Images that have been edited (other than for simple resizing, cropping or blanking out), will all be deleted unconditionally.
  • Rename the file before you upload it. Sometimes saved pictures are named out of completely random letters and numbers. Change them before you upload them. If you don't, the file will be moved, if not deleted.
  • In regular articles, manga pictures can be displayed via a thumb, slideshow or gallery at a size no larger than 200px.

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